Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Visit From My Fairy Godmother

A few days ago my Fairy Godmother came to town. She swooped in unexpectedly to visit while my good mother was still in the hospital. She sat on my couch sipping cool drinks and making me feel like everything was going to be okay, that even stories with the saddest beginnings can turn into HEAs in the end.

I love my Fairy Godmother! She's different from my good mother is every way possible. For one, she's 1000 years old, but still lives life like she's about 25. When she hears something bad has happened her usual response is, "Oh Crap." And she's always talking about her corrupting influence. She corrupted me over the years, but in a very very good way. I can't imagine how my story would go if I hadn't had my Fairy Godmother throughout the years.

Are you someone's Fairy Godmother? You might be if you do any of the following:

Take a special interest in random people to whom you have no direct relation.

Make inanimate objects and ordinary situations seem magical and special.

Love to listen especially during late night chats with distressed friends.

Always seem to pop in unexpectedly and when you're needed most.

Love to help good things happen to people.

To all the Fairy Godmothers out there. You make your lives better. Our HEA wouldn't be so happy without you.

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