Monday, April 2, 2012

Laundry Day

At our place every day is laundry day. Sometimes I do one load. Sometimes I feel like I've done 100 loads. My least favorite part about doing laundry is spot cleaning. And Bananas, Plum's favorite, create the dragon of all stains. They make everything look brown and ugly, and if you forget that your baby spred Banana on herself and wash her cloths without doing something about it the outfit is brown forever-after ~ NOT happily!

Until Now!

I was complaining about my lack luster laundry at a baby shower and one of the more experienced maidens suggested I use some ammonia. As unappetizing as that sounds, as soon as I got home I sprayed everything Bananaed with a bottle of cheap glass spray with ammonia I had lying around. Then I washed them.

The results were not as instantly brilliant as I would have hoped, so I did something else I've never tried before. All the just washed Banana cloths went into a gallon of water with one scoop of OxyClean. I added a few other clothing items as well, that had not been pre-ammonia treated. I wanted to know if it made a difference. After a good long soak everything went back into the wash.

Oh My Giant Pumpkin Coach, all of my pre-treated cloths came out looking sparkling new. The others came out looking lighter and I assume they just need a little "windex" treatment. I'm excited about my new discovery!!! It's like magic! Happy laundry day.

*** I would like to make an extra effort to point out that I ran the cloths through a full wash and spin cycle before I moved to a new spot removing chemical. Please be careful not to mix unknown chemicals together.We all know that ammonia and bleach don't mix. Don't take any chances with cleaning products that might contain these two chemical agents. ***