Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dear Prince Charming

Dear Prince Charming,

We’ve missed you dearly during our stay with the king and queen. Things just aren’t the same without you, and a whole week without true loves kiss feels like a hundred year sleeping curse. The princesses are adjusting to our new arrangement, but it’s hard for down grade from four loving arms to only two. And as hard as the Royal Family tries, uncles and aunts just aren’t the same as daddies. 

Princess Peach has been a gem though, and has really enjoyed being with her cousins. She helps as best she can by marching though the castle singing little songs and blowing lovely little kisses. She is doing her best to (s)mother Princess Plum for me. And I’m doing my best to handle everything in the charming way that you would if you were here.
We’re sorry we missed Father’s Day. I hope you’re fishing and camping equipment comes soon.

Fair Maiden

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