Saturday, September 15, 2012

Marrying Her Prince

Peach is at that age where Charming is her true love. I don't have the heart to tell her that Charming is MY true love, and that she will have to keep searching. I figure she'll figure all this out soon enough.

Today, Charming took Peach and Plum on a special trip to see a special place.


This is the Brigham City Temple, and to learn more about it you can go to:

Peach knows that temples are the place to go if you want to be married to your charming prince forever. She was very excited to go see this pretty building. Charming was excited to take them. I, sadly, had to stay home and do boring, everyday things like go shopping and get a hair cut. The castle doctors were pretty firm about a 38 week prego princess not taking any all day road trips. Can you believe that?!?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Princess Books

Do you know what this color means?

In my 3 year old Peach's very refined opinion, PINK is a sure sign that something is going to be fabulous. And how can I argue. She has picked out some fabulous pink things lately. My favorite pink items usually come from the dollar store and the library and usually have something to do with princesses or fairies. Here is an example:

Rapunzel retold by Sarah Gibb. It's the same lovely story, but the pictures are divine. In fact, Peach had a hard time listening to the story because she just wanted me to turn to page to the next fabulous picture, most of which are pink, by the way.

And here is a less than pink story but an enchanting one. Maybe it's just me, but I choked up at the end. It's simple, it's lovely, and again, the pictures are very beautiful.

The Apple-Pip Princess by Jane Ray. You should definitely patronize your local library and let them find this one for you.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

That's So Charming

Do you know what this weekend is? Of course you do . . . it's Labor Day Weekend. Or at least to most people that's all it is. For Charming it's so so much more. And this year it's turned out to be so so much more. You could say that some of his smaller dreams have come true.

Charming is not a big spender, so I was pretty surprised when he called on his lunch break Thursday to tell me he saw an ad for a TV we couldn't pass up. 42" of flat screen viewing pleasure for $350.00.

We had thought it over for a while and we knew what our options were. There is only one time of year that we watch a lot of TV, so there were very few features we really needed. The real question was this:
Watch football on this...
. . . or this ???

Other perks included the PC hookup and getting rid of that annoying digital converter box.

Dream #1 came true when we hooked it up and watch our first football game Thursday night.

Dream #2 came true when that first game was won by our favorite team.

 Go Cougars!!!

Dream #3 came true when Charming casually turned on the TV this morning and found the early broadcast of the Navy vs ND game in Ireland.

This will be a good weekend.

Now we'll see of my Labor Day Weekend dream comes true . . .
That the dish fairy will take pity on me and do the dishes after last night's delicious fried chicken dinner.