Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just Rest

The Queen's own good mother came into town last night, and the amount of preparations for her visit would have made you think the Queen was giving her last ball, not slowly fading to nothing. As I sit beside my good mother I am often in awe at her thoughts and desires at this time. Yes, she thinks about herself and her own comfort from time to time, but more often than not she is thinking of the ones she loves.

The King needs shirts ironed.
The beds need to be changed for visiting family.
Is there enough food in the house that everyone will like to eat?
We need cushions on all the chairs beside her bed for visitors.

With her last breaths, my good mother is still showing me what it means to love and serve everyone around her . . . the recipe for a happy kingdom. And all I can do is honor her last wishes as best as possible and say, "Everything is taken care of. Just rest."

The good fairies have been wonderful to us. This week they mopped the floor, brought dinner and goodies to eat, ironed my good father's shirts, and dusted every inch of the old castle. They are so good to us, and we are so grateful to know them.

Now I can tell my good mother that we're ready for anyone and anything. So, "just rest."

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