Monday, June 20, 2011

My Inner Ugly Step Sister

This week has been a good week for sharing moments and memories. It's also been one of those weeks were I've spent a lot of time reflecting. Those darn stages of grief are creeping in on me, and I sometimes find myself not being the lovely princess that my mother taught me to be.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you've become less than your best. These past two weeks I find myself comparing myself to people and feeling bad that I don't have the same memories with my mother that others have. (Spending a good chunk of your life hanging out in the woods with dwarfs and good fairies will do that to a mother/daughter relationship.) I see others finding the time to sit and talk with the queen and I get greedy for that precious time myself. I want them all to go away so I can be with her and make up for lost time.

Then I feel ugly!

Do you ever find that you've become an uglier, more pessimistic version of yourself; when your Inner Ugly Step Sister makes an appearance in the magic mirror? Here's what happens to me . . .
I can't find anything nice to say. I think life is soooo unfair. I just know everyone is getting more attention and love than me. I get bossy and rude. And I wish I was wearing someone elses shoes instead of my own. 

If you've ever felt this way, remember, you're not alone. I have a feeling we all have an Inner Ugly Step Sister who shoots daggers with our eyes from time to time.

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