Monday, December 5, 2011

That's So Charming!

I am a lot of things to a lot of people, but I am NOT a cookie maker. When I think of all of the wonderful holiday treats that I grew up learning to make cookies fall very very low on the list. So, when Charming asked me to make cookies for our Christmas treat plates I was a bit timid. After all, Charming IS a cookie maker, and a darn good one. I guess you pick up a few things when you hang out in the royal kitchen for 18 or so years.

Well, I decided first to get the cookie making over with quickly, so I quadrupled my recipe, which is not hard because it only makes 1 1/2 dozen to begin with. Oh, but it was hard on my poor mixer. I broke my special cookie mixing paddles.

Then, with Peach's "help", I rolled out 6 cookie sheets of trees, stars, and cute little gingerbread men. We also dumped flour all over the table, floor, and ourselves.

Oh dear! I don't know what went wrong, but every single one of those batches came out flat and crispy. Not burned, but definitely not giftable.

I put off telling Charming that things weren't going well, so when he got home he was met by 6 batches of Cookie Crisp . . . what can I say, I thought things would get better if I just Believed hard enough.

That sweet prince of mine took one bite of cookie and said, "These taste really good."

And that, future Charmings of the world, is how you get your girl and keep the hot meals coming.