Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Who's the oldest of them all?

My mother has aged 20 years in the last two weeks. You have to be here and see it to really believe it, but it has been much like watching her life going in fast forward. Our hospice nurse, and many of us, didn't think she'd been with us this week, but miraculously, she is still resting in the hospital bed in the front room.

But she is not on the mend. My mother is dying of an incurable and very aggressive from of cancer that is eating her from the inside, out. Every day she lives is a much more difficult day than the one before. There is no way for her to be comfortable in this life.

For this reason we are no longer praying for a miracle, we are praying for peace for her and everyone who loves her. Please, if you pray for my mother, pray for peace.

Now, Pray on!


  1. The peasants here are most definitely praying for peace, for both your mother and for you. I hope your princesses are being good for you as your away dealing with everything. Sending much love your way:)

  2. Oh Thank You! I received your sweet love letters today. You are wonderful to me.