Friday, January 1, 2016

Skip forward a few chapters

The last time we met, Charming and I were raising three precious princesses and a small garden in the West. We've had some plot twists. Time will do that to your story. Now we are razing a modest cottage on the East Coast, and we've added a knight it training to our fearless band.

It's a new year. Send out the trumpeters! With Fall and the wonderful winter holidays behind me, (and my family sacked out from partying hard last night), I feel like I can sit still a moment and be introspective.

I'll need to catch you up a little bit with some amazing pictures, but here is a list of things we accomplished in 2015:

  • Beginning Young Sir Grey's training.
  • Clearing a forest to extend the castle ground.
  • Sending Peach to princess school.
  • Gallivanting around the countryside on adventures.

And here's a list of things I'd like to do this coming year:

  • Plant a new small-ish garden.
  • Continue the castle renovations: the next rooms on the list are the Master Bedroom and Bath, the Living Room, and the Kitchen. =) This will be an exciting year.
  • Start using some of my crazy skills for the good of the kingdom. More on that later.

And then, because I'm willing to try cyber-accountability as I strive to keep my personal goals, here are a few of those.

  • Read more, because readers are thinkers.
  • Set a schedule that I can stick to: a little time for me, a little time for the kids, a little time for Charming, a little time for keeping my little castle in order, and a little time for the kingdom at large.
  • Do the stuff I know I should, but I've been putting off for later. (You probably won't hear much on that, maybe a little snippet here and there.) You know, just the little things that build character.
So that's it. And I've introspected too long, because now the children are all crying and the new Christmas toys are scattered across the floor like a mine field. Little Cherubs.

Here's to a Happy New Year!

What are some of your dreams and goals for this new year? Please share, I can always use a fresh idea or two.

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