Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Royal Road Trip

OH my goodness. I'm so grateful my carriage is pulled by 4 very powerful horses, averaged 40 miles to the gallon this trip, and has A/C!!!

Unfortunatly, all the A/C in the world couldn't stop Peach and Plum from making ugly faces at me after the 5th hour of Royal Road Trip 2011.

Charming had wildly wonderful ideas of leaving at 3:00AM so the girls would sleep through the first few hours. It worked!!!

Everyone stayed happy until I tried to ride in the front seat with Charming. No Way, Jose!!!
Plum especially wanted to SEE that I was actually in the car. My enchanting singing voice has no power over these two after 2 straight days of carseat-o-rama.

Boy are we glad to be home.

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